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Our curriculum for all age groups is The Gospel Project. We love this curriculum because of its Christ-centeredness, depth and scope. The Gospel Project will take us through the entire Bible—from Genesis to Revelation—over a 3 year period, highlighting each week how every story points to the saving work of Jesus Christ.  For additional questions please contact Sandy Simpson at



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 The Gospel Project Details:
            • Chronological study plan - Genesis through Revelation
            • Christ-centered study - All scripture gives testimony to Jesus
            • Age alignment - All ages learn same lessons
            • Missional focus to respond to God
            • 99 Essential doctrines of Christian faith identified
            • 3 year study plan
            • 18 months in Old Testament
            • 18 months in New Testament


Faith Kids is for all kids from infants through fifth grade.

Faith Kids is:

A place where kids can be kids!
A place to discover God's plan through the Bible!
A place to meet Jesus and get to know Him!


Faith Kids is:

Our purpose is to help kids know and follow Jesus! We love teaching kids about God and his plan for each of us through His Word, the Bible. We value partnering with parents and believe that they are the most important spiritual influencers in their kids’ lives. These ideals drive everything we do.

Parent involvement is a high priority here! That is why we encourage parents to visit periodically to get a sense of what kids are experiencing in Faith Kids. We provide take home materials that are simple and fun to complete! Not only do they bring lessons learned on Sunday into the family setting during the week, they also help kids develop spiritual habits like Bible memorization and prayer.

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