Give To Save

At the end of the year, we're jumping into our Give to Save generosity project.  During the months of November and December, whatever we give above and beyond our normal contributions, we'll be giving away to two places:

1.  Reducing our dept.  For every dollar we invest in our mortgage now, we save two dollars down the line.

2.  Two local organizations doing life-saving work.


Watch the Intro Video:


This Year's Organizations

This year, we have the privilege of partnering with two amazing local organizations.

1.  Harvest Farm.  Located in Wellington on a fully-functioning farm, Harvest Farm is a Christ-based organization that works with men coming out of addiction and homelessness.  During an 11-month program, men receive a variety of resources for building and sustaining a healthy life.  Learn more here.

2.  Project Self-Sufficiency.  Single parents are amazing people and Project Self-sufficiency aims to come alongside them to accomplish their goals and continue on a path toward a self-sufficient lifestyle.  173 families are being helped simultaneously through PSS, which provides resources, advocates, grants, and more.  Learn more here.


To give, simply give to the General Fund like normal.



Next steps. What's yours?



We get to be generous because God has been generous to us!

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