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Eyes On Jesus
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Pastor Steve Baumgaertner
Life is full of trials and tribulations, even financial ones! What do we do when we feel like we are drowning? This morning we are going to learn that we can trust in Jesus! He does not promise us riches on earth. He does not promise us a problem-free life. But he does promise himself. This morning we can learn to trust Jesus during our trials for the following reasons: Jesus is God. Jesus has a purpose for your trials. Jesus is praying for you. Jesus won't let you drown.
How to be Rich

Money is a good gift from God that you can turn for evil or for good...In other words, money becomes a moral issue because of the rightness or wrongness of what you pursue with this gift. You can pursue good, and you can pursue evil. You can use it to show that you value money more than Christ. Or you can use it to show that you value Christ more than money. ~ John Piper


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We get to be generous because God has been generous to us!

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