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To Bring Him Glory
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Pastor Charlie Sandberg
Our identity in Jesus is one of the greatest expressions of God's kindness. After all, he could have left us in our sin, shame, and condemnation. He didn't need anything from us and he owes nothing to us. But God has not treated us as our sins deserve. As so the final question for this series on our identity in Jesus is this: Why has God extended such great grace?
Found In Him

A study of Ephesians 1 - Identity in Christ. This series at Faith is all about understanding, embracing, and celebrating who we are in Jesus. Our hope is that by God's grace each of us will be able to say with confidence and conviction: I am not what I do. I am what Jesus has done for me. I am not what I accomplish. I am what Jesus has accomplished for me at the cross. I am not my own. I belong to Jesus, and in Jesus I am alive, forgiven, loved, adopted, chosen, blameless, and blessed.


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We get to be generous because God has been generous to us!

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