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Our goal for Faith's classes, seminars and workshops is to provide biblically–based and thought–provoking classes that enable the believer to become more like Christ in thought and behavior.

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Ephesians:  Growing Up in Christ      Check back later to see if we can resume in the fall.

Paul's letter to the Ephesians differs from most of his other New Testament letters. Ephesians was not written to address problems in a particular church; it was written to explain some of the great themes and doctrines of Christianity. The letter obviously covers the great themes and doctrines of Christianity, but of equal importance, Ephesians contains instruction about “how we can become mature Christians, Christian formation, and growing up to the stature of Christ.” The human task is to become mature, not only within ourselves in our bodies and emotions and minds, but also in our relationships with God and other people.

Our intent in this study is to learn more about how we grow up in Christ and in our relationships with God and others. To be effective servants, we need a growing relationship with God.  No believer should ever stop “growing,” no matter his or her biological or spiritual age!

The classes are led by Gary Peterson – Early Bird at 7:45am and Adult Bible Class at 10:30am.

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Sundays 9:00am in the Cafe

Cancelled until further notice due to coronavirus.

This Sunday School/Small Group is for young marrieds and growing families.  Are you juggling life, work, marriage, kids and other responsibilities?  Do you feel overwhelmed at times? Have you reached a point where you know that you need Christ to guide you through the unique challenges in your life and to help you grow in your personal walk with him?  If so, we would love for you to join us as we fellowship and rely on his finished work to steer us through the good and the bad.



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