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Our goal for Faith's classes, seminars and workshops is to provide biblically–based and thought–provoking classes that enable the believer to think and be more like Christ.

Adult Sunday Classes


Fall 2019
Mark:  "An Apology for the Crucifixion of Jesus."

This study will begin on September 8.
Our study in Mark is a series of 18 lessons where we explore Mark’s defense of Jesus as God’s Son.  Mark’s intent was to teach people that Jesus was really God despite the shame of His dying on a cross.  

It may be difficult for those of us living in the 21st century to understand why Mark would feel led of the Spirit to write an “apology” or “defense” of Jesus’ crucifixion.  Crucifixion was reserved mostly for criminals and slaves and had all the connotations of a modern electric chair or gas chamber. Mark writes to counteract the shame of the manner in which Jesus died.  This counteraction takes the form of stressing Jesus’ power to work miracles, to cast out demons, to teach astonishingly, to attract crowds, to predict the future (including his own fate), and to rise from the dead.  In short, Mark wants his hearers and readers to focus on God’s power over creation and over death itself.  Jesus is God despite the shameful criminal death He died.

It is our hope that students in these classes will come away with a renewed understanding of who Jesus is, and what his death and resurrection did for us, and hence grow into a closer relationship with Jesus.

The classes are led by Gary Peterson.  Early Bird at 7:45 AM and Adult Bible Class at 10:30 AM.

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Olson Lecture Series


Dr. Jim Olson, former senior pastor at Faith, lectured on Living Seriously in Time  which is based upon 2 Timothy 2.

Listen or download Dr. Olson's talk below:

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