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Our goal for Faith's classes, seminars and workshops is to provide biblically–based and thought–provoking classes that enable the believer to become more like Christ in thought and behavior.

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Deuteronomy:  Viewed from "The Other Side of the Cross"      

The goal of our study is to view this Old Testament book from “the other side of the cross,” in other words from a Church Age viewpoint. We will observe how God loved and related to his people, Israel, and consequently, we will see how this same God relates to us and how we relate to him. Throughout the book, you will find a continuous emphasis on knowing and obeying God’s law. You will see that the God of the Old Testament Covenants is the same loving God of the New Testament. Each student is encouraged to ask questions throughout the study and to ask them in class for the benefit of the other students.

This class led by Gary Peterson, meets Sundays at 9:30am beginning March 7, 2021.

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