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Friday, May 15

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By Grant Pahlau

For me, when I am needing help in some way, my first reaction is “who can I ask about this?” The first place I look is out—someone or something outside of my level of understanding, which isn’t all that bad.  But really, the better place for me to look first is up.  Look up!  No matter the size of the mountain that seems to tower above me, no matter how daunting or overwhelming, I can always look up!  God will love me, God will guide me, God will convict me.  God will always invite me to look up. He, then, may direct me towards others that He knows will help.  But His invitation will always stand.  It’s as if He’s saying "Grant, Look up! Just ask me about that mountain!”   Just a word about the guy: I wanted him to represent ‘rugged.' He reminds me that no matter how rugged, resilient, or experienced I may perceive myself to be, I will never really succeed until I look up.  When things are good or when things are bad…look up.

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