Forge - About Us


Forging faith, friendships and futures in Jesus Christ.

Forge is our Faith Church ministry to college-aged young adults (ages 18 through 25).  Forge is a community of people who believe in Jesus or just want to know more about who Jesus is.   Our desire is to see God forging faith, friendships and futures in Jesus Christ during this exciting stage of our lives.
We see God forging faith as we read the Bible and have authentic conversations about what the Bible means and how we might apply it to everyday life.  We express our faith as we worship God through music and prayer.

We see God forging friendships because Forge as a safe place to talk with others about who we are and help each other through the challenges of young adult life.  We also make time for fun and games at our meetings and have a blast at special events.

We see God forging futures when we embrace these years as a chance to grow and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead with career, family and all of life.  We are a community of young adults connected with Faith Church.  This connection gives us opportunities to use and discover our unique God-given talents as we serve others in our church, community and even around the world!

Whether you have been a believer most of your life or simply want to learn more about the journey of faith, we hope you will join us at Forge!

Contact Ben Patella if you are interested in learning more about Forge. / 970-226-2095

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3920 S Shields St Fort Collins, CO 80526