The Journey Project

Jesus is doing so much in our midst; we need to keep up!
The Journey Project is our faith-filled response to the abounding work of Jesus at Faith.  The journey we will take over the next two years is about ministry expansion.  We want to welcome more people into Faith and reach out to the world around us.  Most importantly, The Journey Project is about us taking a giant step of faith toward Jesus together.

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Creative Strategies for Giving and FAQs.

 Get Involved...

November 24

We will gather together as a church to celebrate and take the next step toward the big vision God has for us.  Here are three ways we can all be involved!

1.  Pray.  Ask God to work in our church and ask how he
wants you to participate financially.  Keep up with 40 Days of Prayer.

2.  Give.  Give generously and sacrificially.  Trust God to provide exactly what he prompts you to give.

3.  Engage.  Step into this as a church!  Talk with the people you love about this journey.



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