Missionaries We Support


At Faith, we have chosen not to focus on any one people group, culture, or part of the world. Instead, we look to support missionaries all over the world, doing a variety of ministries with all types of peoples. We strive to support our missionaries with prayer, finances, as well as care for them in special ways while they are home. We have five priorities in determining who we support:

  • They have a connection with Faith Church.
  • Their ministry has a local church emphasis.
  • Their ministry is focused on reaching the unreached with the gospel of Christ.
  • They can provide short-term (trips/internship) opportunities for us.
  • They are proven to be effective in ministry.

Randy & Jan Babcock

Randy and Jan joined the staff of International Students, Inc. (ISI) in June of 2000 and have been part of the ISI Ministry at Colorado State University in Fort Collins since August of 2000. The CSU campus has over 1,600 international students and scholars, representing 90+ countries.

The Babcocks' goal is to share Christ's love with international students so they can return to their home countries and make an impact for Jesus.  They do this by working through the local church to encourage and equip individuals to use their gifts and talents to touch the lives of international students.  The ministry serves students and meets their needs through the STUFF Give-Away and weekly conversational English tutoring.  Randy and Jan help students connect with American culture through events like the "Taste of Thanksgiving Party," a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, a Christmas party, and the monthly First Friday International Dinner.

Each week they host the International Student Fellowship where they have a potluck dinner, sing together, break into groups for Bible reading and discussion, and then play games or just hang out and visit.

The Babcocks' desire is that many followers of Jesus would take advantage of this opportunity to impact the world by impacting the lives of the students here on our doorstep.  

How can we pray for you?
- Pray for wisdom as we minister to students and equip volunteers.

Contact info: babcock@isifc.org
For more information on International Students, Inc., visit http://www.isionline.org/.

Mark & Amy Chase

Mark and Amy moved to Slovakia in 2012 and currently serve with Fusion, which uses music and other art forms to reach young people with the Gospel of Christ. Locally, they partner with Viera (Faith) church in Bratislava, and nationally, they help launch new Fusions in churches across Slovakia.

How can we pray for you?

Pray for us to have bold faith as we continue seeking a place near Bratislava’s city center, a place to call home and where 6-10 university age students can live with us and be intentionally discipled.

• Pray that our church would be of one mind, united in purpose and seeking to lead people across all generations to Jesus, and that God would provide deep and lasting friendships for each of us.

• Pray for us to do all things to the glory of God and never for man, always seeking first his kingdom and righteousness.

• Pray that our steps are secure (Proverbs 10:9) and would never waver, and that we live honestly and authentically before all men.

• Pray that the young Josiahs we are investing in would be emboldened by the Spirit to become passionate, intentional disciple makers who are on fire to see their generation transformed by the Gospel.

Contact info: mchase@josiahventure.com

For more information on Josiah Venture, visit www.josiahventure.com.  

Randy & Susan Carpenter

Randy and Susan served overseas with Africa Inland Mission for 34 years, mostly in Africa’s countries of Kenya, Mozambique and Angola.  In April 2012 they transitioned to serving AIM’s growing U.S. retirement center in Minneola, Florida. Both Susan and Randy staff the e-PLUS program to help new, non-English speaking AIM members get up to speed with language and cultural understanding before leaving for service in Africa, and they provide help for missionary retirees in various ways. These roles continue though Randy and Susan have officially retired.

The Carpenters’ desire is to continue the advance of God’s kingdom via the outreach of AIM. They feel blessed, both in serving retired members of their mission family and in seeing new laborers being prepared and sent to white harvest fields.

How can we pray for you?

Pray for our daily strength, godly patience and perseverance, hearing, seeing, remembering and understanding.

• Pray for God’s continued blessing on the various outreaches of Africa Inland Mission International, working to establish Christ-centered churches among all African peoples around the globe. There is renewed focus on unreached people groups.

Contact info: rscarpenter@aimint.org
For more information on Africa Inland Mission: aimint.org and retirementcenter.aimsites.org

Chris & Marci Conradson

Chris and Marci are joining East West Ministries International. East West takes the Gospel to the spiritually darkest places in the
world where there is either no Christian witness or where ministry is severely restricted. Chris is East West’s Director of Children’s Ministries and will be strategically reaching out and engaging children with the Gospel in these difficult places throughout the world. He will be casting vision for ministry in unreached areas of the world, mobilizing teams to go to these places, equipping missionaries and pastors on the field for ongoing ministry to children.

How can we pray for you?

• Pray as we begin to build our ministry partner team, that we may jump into this role as soon as possible.

• Pray for the transition period of moving into a full-time missionary role.

• Pray for our family as Kylee and Kenzie finish up college and transition into their next phase of life.

Contact info: cconradson@eastwest.org
For more information on East-West Ministries International: eastwest.org

Bruce & Karen Duell

Bruce and Karen have been serving in Denver as urban/intercultural missionaries under the Evangelical Free Church of America for over 30 years and are involved in church planting and neighborhood ministries.

Bruce and Karen are excited to be involved with the development of house churches under the EFCA Rocky Mountain District. They have a vibrant house church in their home (Ancient Paths Church) and are in the process of starting other house churches. They also have numerous ministries to reach out to the neighborhood, such as youth groups, tutoring and mentoring programs, young adults ministry and involvement with neighborhood schools and youth summer camps. They have a vibrant outreach to the mentally disabled population. In addition, they pursue developing relationships with the many millennials that have moved into the area in which they live, almost all of whom are unchurched, very relational and need to know Jesus.

The Duells’ desire is to see people in their inner-city Denver community come to know Jesus and get plugged in to their church. They also hope for their people to grow in their faith and reach others in their areas of influence. As most of the people in their target group are the urban-ethnic poor, they also strive to help them with their needs.

How can we pray for you?

• Pray that we would utilize our networks of influence to reach more people in our area with the Gospel.

• Pray that we will see our people grow into mature disciples as we continue to train and lead in the discipleship-making pathway of praying and watching for God’s leading.

Contact info: bkduell@aol.com

Mike & Melissa

Mike and Melissa have been serving in West Africa since 2008, seeking a spiritual transformation among the people of their city
and beyond, as there are virtually no followers of Jesus in their area. Many often face poverty, drought, unemployment, illiteracy, lack of access to drinking water and disease. Luke 9 is very much a model for their work, as they have a myriad of opportunities to pray for people, to heal the sick and to proclaim the coming of God’s Kingdom.

Mike and Melissa also serve as Area Leaders, overseeing church planting work in six countries, supporting current teams and their leaders, helping them develop effective church planting strategies and providing member care and establishing new teams among the many unreached peoples in their area.

Mike and Melissa’s prayer is to see God’s Kingdom come in power, that many would be moved to follow Jesus and to see growing and active communities of faith established.

How can we pray for you?

Pray for growth within our local house church and for new house churches, that the local believers will stand firm against persecution and the many daily challenges. Pray for both our team and the local church to be vibrant and enthusiastic witnesses for the faith.

• Pray that the Lord would raise up new workers for the harvest field and local believers with a heart to see the Kingdom come to the peoples of their nations. Pray for wisdom for how to lead our area.

• Pray for our time in the US to address medical challenges, that the Lord’s healing touch would be on us. Pray for us as we continue our leadership responsibilities from afar. Pray also that the Lord would prepare the way for our return, especially with regard to the best schooling options for our children.

Mike & Rosemary

Mike and Rosemary have been serving in West Africa since 2011. There is virtually no Christian witness in the area they are serving, which is over 99% Muslim. Those whom they serve often face significant daily challenges, such as poverty, drought, unemployment, illiteracy, lack of access to drinking water and disease. The team’s focus is to proclaim Jesus as Lord and to encourage locals in their town and surrounding villages to study God’s word within their respective households.

Mike and Rosemary’s desire is to see God glorified in this place. They long to see the people they serve freed.

How can we pray for you?

Pray for those with whom we share the Good News, that God will soften their hearts and draw them to himself.

• Pray for those who have come to faith and daily face persecution from their families and neighbors.

• Pray for us as we are under continual spiritual attack - that we will be bold and stand firm, faithfully serving our Lord, regardless of the opposition we face.

• Pray that God will send more workers to this area.

Dr. Greg & Carol Fell

Greg and Carol live in Monument, Colorado, where Greg serves as the EFCA (Evangelical Free Church of America) Rocky Mountain District Superintendent, serving Colorado, Wyoming and the southwest corner of South Dakota.

In this role, Greg serves as pastor and counselor to pastors, as well as trainer and equipper for church leadership teams. He also coordinates church planting in the district, runs credentialing for pastors and helps with placement for churches seeking staff. He spends most of his time training and leading through Healthy Church Network meetings each month as well as through multiple lay leadership training opportunities in each of the district’s churches.

Greg’s desire is to keep the pastors and leaders healthy through coaching, mentoring, training and counseling so the churches will also be healthy.

How can we pray for you?

Pray for Greg’s safety as he drives about 1,000 miles each week.

• Pray for our physical and spiritual health.

• Pray for wisdom for the design and implementation all of the resources and ideas which were generated by our pastors and church leaders at the Annual District Conference.

Contact info: GregoryFell@gmail.com
For more information on EFCA Rocky Mountain District: rockymountaindistrict.org

Steve & Melanie Galegor

After being sent by Faith Church and ministering in Albania from 1995 to 2000, the Galegor family is now in partnership with BILD International and several churches and are living and working in the New York Metropolitan region. Their mission is to
progress the Gospel among unreached first-generation Albanian immigrants and to help establish a network of local churches within the global Albanian Diaspora. Steve also continues to travel regularly back to Albania, Kosovo and other parts of Europe to develop a network of churches and national leaders, and who are building discipleship and leadership training programs based solely in the life of their local churches and church movements. The goal is to strengthen these churches and entrust them and the ongoing mission to well-trained leaders.

The Galegors’ desire at home is to see a movement of first-generation Albanian immigrant churches in the Northeast, wherever substantial Albanian communities exist. Four churches now exist since they began work in 2000. Their hope is to see the work of the Gospel that began with the opening of Albania in 1991 become established in the Albanian Diaspora in the U.S. and beyond. Steve and Melanie have three children, Jonah (24), Emma (20) and Caleb (15).

How can we pray for you?

Pray for the strength and growth of the Albanian churches in Brooklyn, New Jersey and Queens.

• Pray for the development of leaders and workers to seize the opportunity to see the Gospel proclaimed and churches begun in this current generation.

Contact info: sgalegor@gmail.com
For more information on BILD International: bild.org

Joseph & Holly Greeson

Joseph and Holly serve with SEND, International in Alaska and Northwest Canada. Joe and Holly provide member care for families who are living in remote Northern villages and making disciples there.

Joseph and Holly’s desire is to draw alongside dedicated families and encourage them to persevere in fulfilling their calling to a difficult ministry.

How can we pray for you?

Pray for safety and health as we travel many miles in small planes.

• Pray for our daughter as she attempts to balance her career and family. Pray for wisdom and guidance for our sons as they attempt to launch careers.

• Pray that every village in the 60/70 window would have a disciplemaking follower of Jesus, and that Christ’s transformed disciples would bring hope and healing to those villages.

Contact info: jandhgreeson@gmail.com

Kelly & Donna Hargan

After serving nearly ten years with Josiah Venture in Latvia, Kelly and Donna were able to transition leadership of the country’s
ministry to a young Latvian leader. Kelly is now serving in the role of Director of Josiah Venture USA; Donna works closely with Kelly and also serves as a Human Resource Specialist.

Josiah Venture USA is the mobilizing team that serves the greater Josiah Venture family in Central and Eastern Europe. At the end of 2016, JV had 340 staff serving in 13 countries. The vision is to see that expand to 1000 staff serving in 24 countries.

Kelly and Donna Hargan’s role in serving the movement will be:
• leadership and development of team USA
• preparation, training and caring for staff headed for Eastern Europe
• recruitment and development of key new staff
• deepening and expanding relationships with USA churches.

How can we pray for you?

Pray for wisdom and creativity as we pioneer to bring more churches and staff into the movement in Central and Eastern Europe.

• Pray for our current 19 missionaries-in-training: for their support raising and preparation for the field, that God would pave the way for their quick deployment.

• Pray for our schedule and rhythms of work, travel and home, and that we would be able to invest in church relationships in our home church.

• Pray for the formation of a team in Albania, the newest country launched for JV in 2017.

Contact info: khargan@josiahventure.com
For more information on Josiah Venture: josiahventure.com

Zach & Samantha Linder

Zach and Samantha (Sam) Linder serve full time at Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany, Zach as Assistant Chaplain and
Sam as ELL (English Language Learners) Department Supervisor. Staff at Black Forest Academy not only love students and help them to excel academically and grow spiritually, but also allow missionaries to continue spreading the Gospel in over 60 different countries because parents know that their children are being loved, educated, challenged spiritually and well cared for.

Zach and Sam’s desire is that God will use BFA and them to raise up godly young men and women who will serve him holistically, and that their parents will be empowered to continue having a far-reaching impact for God’s kingdom.

How can we pray for you?

• Pray for that we will finish strong in our last year at BFA and as we sponsor the 2018-2019 senior class.

• Pray for Samantha as she leads the ELL Department.

• Pray for Zach as he meets with boys and takes on more responsibilities in the chaplain’s department.

Contact info: Zachandsamlinder@outlook.com or facebook.com/teamlinderbfalcc
For more information on Black Forest Academy: bfacademy.com

Caleb & Haley Patty

Caleb and Haley Patty are working with Josiah Venture, a missionary team praying for a movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society. They will be working with young people in Albania, serving the local church and making disciples who make disciples.

How can we pray for you?

• Pray for unity and a strong bond with our teammates: two Albanian families. We look forward to serving alongside and learning from these faithful Albanian men and women.

• Pray for our family as we step into cross-cultural living, and that we will parent our child(ren) faithfully through the joys and hardships of being a family on mission.

• Pray for God to do BIG things among the youth of Albania, and that he would give us wisdom for effectively reaching young people. Pray that the Gospel would take root and spread like wildfire because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ.

Contact info: calebpatty@josiahventure.com
For more information on Josiah Venture: josiahventure.com

Dave & Connie Patty

Dave and Connie have lived in the Czech Republic since November 1993, where they began the work of Josiah Venture. Dave
serves as president of this ministry, which reaches the next generation and disciples young leaders in 14 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

In a typical year the JV team will share the gospel with over 25,000 people, see over 1,800 put their faith in Christ and train over 6,000 leaders. Their vision is for a movement of God among the youth of the region, one that finds its home in the local church and transforms society.

Currently, only 1% of the young people in this region know Jesus Christ as Savior. Dave and Connie’s desire is to see that change, resulting in churches full of young people who will be discipled into a new generation of leaders.

How can we pray for you?

• Pray for new staff to open ministries in the 11 countries we are praying for in Central and Eastern Europe.

• Pray for wisdom in leadership as JV continues to expand and grow. We currently have 350 full-time staff.

• Pray for the new event center that will be built at Malenovice, our training center; we’re out of space and looking forward to the expansion that will allow us to reach and equip more young leaders.

Contact info: dpatty@josiahventure.com
For more information on Josiah Venture: josiahventure.com

Karen Ramse

Karen ministers to middle school students through teaching math and science and art, creating fun projects involving both math and art, and co-leading a small group of girls at Black Forest Academy in Germany. She loves interacting with students who come from a variety of cultures around the world. Her prayer is for God to shine through her life as she guides their academic

How can we pray for you?

Pray for my small group girls beginning the college search process, to find a balance between their academic, social and athletic/extra curricular activities. Pray also for their relationships with their new leader next year.

• Pray for my full year of Home Assignment. I will pursue a Master’s degree in Math Education for Middle School, join a BSF group, serve at my home church and travel to continue raising support for my ministry at Black Forest Academy and to re-connect with family, friends and supporters.

• Pray for me as I participate in training with my mission organization.

Contact info: kramse@teachbeyond.org
For more information on TeachBeyond: teachbeyond.org

Ron & Judy Spaulding

Ron and Judy are missionaries with ISI (International Students, Inc.) at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. There are
approximately 4,500 students, scholars, and post doctorates on campus, and the number is growing each year.

The Spauldings guide Americans in using their gifts to help international students get adjusted to their new environment at UNL.
There are 10 small groups now meeting to introduce students to the Bible, discipleship and church, with approximately 120 students involved. There are also seven English as a Second Language classes. The transportation team takes students to events and develops relationships along the way. Many of the International Student Fellowship students graduate, then go home to their countries to serve as ministers of the Gospel of Christ, in the name of Jesus. The Spauldings hope to see the fulfillment of Isaiah 43:4 in their lives and pray the fruit that is produced will again produce more fruit - 2 Timothy 2:2.

How can we pray for you?

Pray that we and our ministry partners will be fruitful as we reach out to international students from all over the world.

• Pray for our Leadership Bible Study on Sunday nights, that the students will all learn to lead the Bible Study so that when they go home they can lead studies with family, friends and neighbors.

• Pray for our Guys’ Discipleship Bible Study on Tuesday nights.

• Pray for safety as we travel many thousands of miles with students in our two vans.

Contact info: rosaul@frii.com
For more information on International Students, Inc : isionline.org

3920 S Shields St Fort Collins, CO 80526