Stories From Christ Clinic

Stories From Christ Clinic

Every Monday evening Faith serves as the home for Christ Clinic, Fort Collins’ only free medical clinic.  
The volunteer staff follows Jesus by providing spiritual and medical care to members of our community who experience hardship in the face of illness due to lack of access to health care.  Here are just a few stories of lives that were changed by the clinic and its mission:  

- When Jessie first began receiving care at the clinic, she was visibly angry, overwhelmed, and in great pain.  God has softened her heart as she has experienced respect from a doctor who listened to her concerns and addressed her medical issues.  She now expresses her gratitude to the Christ Clinic staff by bringing treats whenever she has a follow up appointment.

- Jake moved to Colorado for a fresh start.  His medical concerns were taken care of at Christ Clinic and, in asking for prayer from the chaplain, he expressed that significant people in his life kept disappointing him and he didn’t want to keep making choices that led to more disappointment.  The chaplain invited him to church and he has come every week since.  He’s meeting weekly with another man to study the gospel of John.  Jake is now thankful to his Savior as he grows in relationship with him.

- “I was blind but now I see.”  That is how Sam summarizes his experience with Christ Clinic.  He came to the clinic, concerned that he was going blind.  He had no health insurance and had not seen a doctor for years because of the expense.  The doctor who saw him recognized severe cataracts in both eyes and was able to work with one of the specialists in town to provide surgery for this young man.  Indeed he can literally see now and has asked to return to the clinic weekly to help with set up as his way of saying thank you.

- Emily was overwhelmed when she first came to Christ Clinic because of the severe pain she was in.  Her physical pain has been largely alleviated, but the emotional pain because of family, marriage, and financial stresses remains acute.  She is thankful for the ongoing support she receives from the Christ Clinic staff as she sees this as a safe place.  Continue praying for God to be her strength and her peace in the midst of the turmoil that surrounds her life.


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