Reengaging with God

Reengaging with God

By:  Becky Young

As September arrived this year, I kept hearing a phrase over and over from friends and family: “It’s good to be back in our routine again.”

We are creatures of habit, aren’t we? We love predictability. Whether it’s in our bedtime routine, the meals we cook or our work and school schedules, routine helps us feel like life is stable and in-sync (even if we are juggling one too many plates in the air). 

After a summer full of travel, lazy days at the pool, camping trips and backyard BBQs, fall ushers us back into a familiar pattern of life. The alarm goes off a little earlier, the calendar is full of weekly activities, school routines begin and fall sports capture our attention. Things are back in order. The pulse of our daily life hums rhythmically once more after skipping a summertime beat.  

Summer, although wonderful, can disrupt our routines and rhythms. It can make us feel disjointed and out of sync. Our schedules and even our spiritual life can feel a bit unruly as the dog days of summer settle in. If you find yourself feeling distant from God because summer caught you off guard, that’s ok -- God meets you with nothing but love, grace and an invitation to re-engage with Him. We are always invited to rejoin our life to God’s heart, no matter what season it is. 

Fall is a wonderful time to pause and intentionally re-engage with the spiritual rhythms in our life that serve us well. Maybe it’s picking up a new Bible study or joining back up with your small group at Faith. Maybe it’s reinstating a practice of Sabbath rest or intentionally carving out time for prayer in the morning. Regardless of how you choose to re-engage with God this September, his arms are always open and ready to receive you.

May you feel a sense of God’s love and peace as you re-engage with Jesus and establish new rhythms and old routines this September.

Becky Young is a photographer, spiritual director and writer. She has been a member of Faith Church for 3 years and serves with Faith’s Photography Team, Care Ministry and Writing Team.

Becky enjoys writing about soul care and cultivating a deeper life with God. Becky was born and raised in Colorado and enjoys spending time with her husband, gardening and exploring God’s creation.








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