Outgrowing the Desire Orphanage

Outgrowing the Desire Orphanage

Recently two of Faith’s members and faithful Haiti-goers, Chuck Landgraf and Kathryn Wilson, returned from witnessing a very special event in Haiti. Three young men from our Desirè orphanage celebrated their graduation from a two-year program called Pathways (soon to be renamed Go Transition Academy) that is providing an answer to the question, “What happens to orphans when they outgrow the orphanage?” 

For many orphans, the answer to that question is they are expected to make a way for themselves with little education and few of the life skills that are needed to live a productive life in Haiti. This could mean they are returning to the cycle of poverty from which they came in the first place.

But the Go Transition Academy has found a way to disrupt this cycle for many former orphans. The three young graduates from Desiré, Wilson, Charlecson and Nasson, have been trained in diesel mechanics and agriculture and now have an opportunity to live productive lives in Haiti. Three more young adults from Desiré are beginning their second year in the program and four more students will begin this fall. In all, there have been 10 students from the original 65 children from Desiré that have gone on to the Transition Academy. What a great start with a program that is beginning its fourth year.

We have watched the children of Desire grow up during our time working with Pastor Jeannot.  It is exciting to see the cycle come full circle when an orphan child transitions into adulthood with a chance to live a fruitful life and make an above-living wage in a country where unemployment is so high.  We praise God for this opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of orphans in Haiti!


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