Taken by Surprise: Tom's Story Battling Cancer

Taken by Surprise: Tom's Story Battling Cancer


Meet Tom.

Many know him because of his passion for greeting and meeting people at Faith as part of the usher team on a weekly basis. “Tom is a big, compassionate bear,” says Matt Schubert, Usher Team Leader. “His faithfulness and dependability serving as an usher and his impact on those who can’t just walk past him has been immeasurable.”

Last year, an unwanted visitor came into Tom’s path: he found out he had cancer. Undergoing chemotherapy treatments is brutal enough, but one of the tougher parts for Tom was missing out on the community at Faith.

That’s when others at Faith decided to bring community to him.

“During my cancer treatment,” Tom explains, “I experienced such a flood of compassion and caring gestures from so many people at Faith, that it took me by surprise. Wow, how people at Faith reach out and encourage others in so many ways.”

What kinds of ways?

“I have a big basket of cards and notes I received over the months,” Tom shares. “Each one came when I really needed a comment, a phone call, a visit. You know, I got encouragement from people and sources I didn’t even know very well. It moves me to tears thinking about it even now.”

If you know Tom, it’s no surprise that he has been so surrounded with love. Matt Schubert describes one of the first Sundays Tom missed for treatment. “I stepped in to cover for him,” says Matt, “And instead of everyone walking by saying, ‘Hi, Matt!’ they all said, ‘Where’s Tom?’ I got a real kick out of this and realized how well Tom knew the people coming through his door.”

For a guy who is used to doling out smiles, hugs and encouragement to others, it was a twist to being on the receiving end - one that leaves Tom praising God and thankful for his church.

“We have such a great God to serve. We have such a great fellowship to serve, too. We have such a great fellowship serving. I thank God all the time for my forever family at Faith.”

God-willing, you can catch Tom, who finished his chemo and radiation, ushering at a door near you soon!


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