How to Have a Daily Personal Bible Study

How to Have a Daily Personal Bible Study

Daily time in God’s Word is a discipline that puts you in God’s Word daily to read, reflect and apply God’s Word to your life. We hope this little practical guide is helpful for you as get started with your daily personal Bible study.

1. Do your personal Bible study in the morning.

  • Set aside 15 minutes.

  • Decide what you are going to read the night before and have your Bible (or phone or tablet app) ready for morning.

  • Get fully awake before you start your Bible study (coffee, a run, shower…whatever gets you up and allows you to think clearly).

2. Have journal with your Bible.

  • Simple or fancy - a journal is a place to write down what you learned that day and your request to God to apply it to your life.

  • Keep a pen or pencil with your journal.

  • In many Bible apps you can take notes: just make sure you know how to do that before you try to do it in your morning time…sometimes figuring out the app can take your whole Bible study time.

3. Read one chapter a day, everyday.

  • Decide the night before what you are going to read.

  • Read one chapter, underlining what stands out to you.

  • Choose one thought to write down in your journal and write one sentence asking God to apply it to your life.

4. Repeat daily.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions about these instructions or if you want to share what is happening in your life through your own personal Bible study, send me a note

Pastor Brad


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