Jerry's Story

Jerry's Story

The Courage to Love Again


Several years ago Jerry Roesch lost his wife of 62 years, Lois, after her long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. This loving husband who had spent so many years caring for Lois now found himself lonely, spending his days watching television and going to the gym.

On Thursdays, Jerry attended a Bible study at Faith. He always sat towards the front in order to better hear the speaker. During a session this past year, Elaine Brunkhardt found a seat near Jerry because she too had trouble hearing. The two began talking, and Jerry learned that she was a widow.

A friendship developed, and Jerry called his daughter saying, “I’ve got this nice-looking woman sitting next to me, and I would like to ask her to go to coffee or lunch sometime.” His daughter, Sally, coached him through his doubts and nervousness, and Jerry finally mustered up the courage to ask her. “When she said yes, I was sort of surprised.”

Soon, the two were having lunch together a few times a week. Elaine says, “We had so much in common. We liked ball games and would watch every Rockies, Nuggets, and Broncos game together. It was just like hanging out with a friend.”

This once lonely widow and widower had found joy in their lives again, and Jerry was ready to make a commitment. He says, “I had no intentions of ever getting married again, but I love this woman.” So, the 85 year-old got down on one knee and asked Elaine to marry him. “She had to help me get back up, but she said, ‘Yes!’”

With the blessings of all of their children, Jerry and Elaine were married in June outside of her daughter’s home, in front of about 30 guests.

The couple now plans to travel and visit family and watch the Rockies train in Arizona. Jerry says, “You don’t want to stand still too long because I’m 85 and Elaine is 80. We are hoping for at least five good years together.” He adds, “I’ve got a smile on my face now. It’s so wonderful. It’s a thing that the Lord has planned, and we both believe that.” 


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