43 Years In The Making

43 Years In The Making

By:  Sarah Mugge

Sherry Fuller has found her way back into a ministry that first impacted her life beginning in 1973.  During that year, Sherry was part of a small group of moms of preschoolers who met together twice a month at a church in Wheat Ridge, CO.  She had been invited by a neighborhood mom to join their group in its second year of existence and was not disappointed.  This group later became incorporated and is now known internationally as MOPS: Mothers of Preschoolers.  Now, 43 years later, she has returned to this ministry that touched her years ago and is currently a mentor mom for the MOPS group that meets at Faith.

Sherry found that MOPS was a great asset to her as a young mom of two children. She shares, “Meeting and becoming friends with moms, people I still am in contact with that I wouldn’t have met any other way….It’s just a support and encouragement group.”  In the early years, Sherry’s group would have breakfast together, take time to catch up, create a craft together, and then hear from an older mom, named Naomi, for a short lecture specifically geared towards motherhood.  Naomi is in her 90’s today, and Sherry is still in contact with her.  Sherry says that Naomi, “…always had a way of bringing God forefront in those lectures.”  After two years of attending the group, Sherry became a group leader for a few years and from that same group of women a Bible study was later formed.

Last year Sherry’s involvement in MOPS came full circle as she began serving as a mentor mom for the MOPS group at Faith.  In her role she offers insight and encouragement for young moms as someone who’s “been through it” before.  Sherry says she wants to, “…be an encourager to those moms. I want to come alongside of them and be a good listener.  Direct them to God’s Word.”  She attends the twice a month meetings held in The Loft and meets with the same small group of 5-6 women each week, sharing breakfast together and a small group discussion time based off of the meeting’s theme for the day. 

Having been involved in MOPS for many years, Sherry has some encouragement for moms of preschoolers, “… sometimes we are so involved in our little world of mothering that we forget the need of having others in our lives that have children. We just need others in our lives, period.”  MOPS is one of the best places for moms to share life with others.

If you would like more information about MOPS or becoming a mentor mom for the group, please contact Megan Kirk at megankirk82@gmail.com.  The MOPS group at Faith meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from 9:30-11:30 am in The Loft and is open to all moms of preschool aged children (pregnancy-Kindergarten).


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