Welcome to the Journey

Welcome to the Journey

By David Young

This summer when Pastor Brad Jenson first approached me about the Journey Project, I wasn’t sure what to think. At that point, the project didn’t have a lot of details. It didn’t have a team, name or mission statement. It just had a big number and an even bigger vision.

As Brad invited me to participate in this journey that would eventually become The Journey, doubts crawled through my head. After all, I had never led any sort of fundraiser, much less one for $2 million. What if it doesn’t succeed? What if I don’t succeed?

After praying about the opportunity, I couldn’t find a reason to say no, but I felt that I should be honest with Brad about my doubts.

When I called Brad and explained my reservations and shortcomings, part of me expected him to say he would find someone with more experience and fewer doubts. However, that’s not what he said. Brad said he would expect nothing less, and that really this wasn’t a “fundraising” campaign so much as a “faith-raising” campaign.

For me, reframing The Journey as an exercise in faith rather than in funding is key. It’s not about pledges or hitting a number; it’s about trusting that God will lead the church and move us when and where we need to go.

Just as exciting is knowing that it’s not just my faith that’s on a journey--it’s that of the entire church. We can all take this trip together.

Now that the journey has begun and we are on this faith-fueled trip together, I’m excited to see how God will work. I can’t wait to see how he expands our trust in his provision and faithfulness as we step out in faith. It’s always encouraging to see what God did in and through people who trusted in him in the Bible, and I know he will do the same with us here at Faith.

Sometimes on journeys it’s easy to get fixated on the destination, the “When are we going to get there?” mentality. For the Journey Project, I would encourage you to simply enjoy the ride and trust God with the process. Whether that means you join in on our 40 days of prayer, make a faith-filled financial commitment or just listen to what God has to say to you about the journey he has us on, it’s going to be an amazing ride.

Make the most of this trip because it’s only going to happen once.

David Young has been a member of Faith for 3 years. He is a public relations communication specialist who has a background in journalism.

At Faith, David serves as the lead for the blog and the Perspective newsletter. He loves creative writing and being able to share captivating stories with the church. 

David is a Colorado native who enjoys climbing Colorado’s 14ers, a fly fishing, backpacking and mountain biking.






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