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Women of the Word

We live in an increasingly pluralistic society with many beliefs, and our Christian faith is challenged daily. Is what you believe genuinely Christian or is it a political or traditional view of Christianity? As a Christian, can you explain what you believe and why you believe it? Christians today need a solid foundation upon which to build their lives. The study of the amazing book of Romans will give you that foundation. Join us! 



JANUARY 12 - APRIL 6, 2021

Tuesdays 9:00-11:00am & 6:30-8:15pm

The following registration options will be available:
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Register online and pay in person
Purchase book only

Cost:  $20.00.  Book only $10.00 (only if not attending ANY group, including Zoom group)

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Questions?  Contact Linnea Hennessy at 970-290-5611 or women@faithchurchfc.org.

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Women's Thursday Morning
Bible Study


January 28 - April 8

Jen Wilkin - Video Study

Better - A Study of Hebrews

In this verse-by-verse study of the Book of Hebrews, Jen Wilkin explores how God “provided something better for us” in the person of Jesus Christ (Heb. 11:40). Through stories of Old Testament heroes and practices, the author of Hebrews demonstrates how the new covenant is superior to the old and how Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of every promise. Explore familiar verses in context of the entire Bible, learning how to place your hope and faith in Christ alone.

Thursdays 9:00 - 11:00am
at Faith

Cost:  $20

For more information email: women@faithchurchfc.org.

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Precept Bible Study

Precept Ministries International is a
trans-denominational organization dedicated to the sole purpose of teaching people to study God's Word for themselves and apply its truths to their daily lives. This is achieved through the inductive study method, a highly effective way of seeking out answers and understanding Scripture.

If you desire to know God more intimately, then Precept may be for you! Each class is a stand-alone class and does not require that you take the previous class.


Thursdays 9:00 - 11:15am

Stay tuned for more information and registration for this study.   We are still working on details to comply with Larimer County guidelines for COVID-19.

For more information, call Jackie Sartin at 210-367-0112 or email women@faithchurchfc.org.

3920 S Shields St Fort Collins, CO 80526


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